Jessica Del Grande

Web developer, cat person, amateur knitter.
Never met a bowl of noodles I didn't like.

About me

Hi! I'm Jessica, a Front-End Developer and UX Designer with a passion for building friendly user-focused websites and applications that are highly intuitive and fully accessible.

With four years of front-end experience building data-heavy PaaS applications in the fintech sector and more than a decade in freelance development and strategy-heavy client-facing roles, I've grown a diverse skillset that supports the kind of logical, linear, organized work that I love.

Coding is my passion, and I enjoy working with data; I'm an advocate for the use of data to enhance comprehension, and am currently poking around the docs for d3.js. I'm also deeply passionate about user experience and human-centered design, and share that passion with students as the lead mentor in the Juno College part-time UX program.

When I'm not coding you can find me whispering sweet nothings to my sewing machine, freaking out over mid-century modern architecture, or trying to beat my grandpa at crokinole. My pronouns are she/her.


Click through to see some neat things that I've designed and built.

  • Headlines

    An application that pulls the top headlines from three news APIs. View each one separately or combine them all into one view for a headline extravaganza! Built using HTML, SCSS, and vanilla JavaScript.

  • Learn Anatomy

    Highly interactive anatomy quiz built in jQuery comparing user input from SVG model and form fields with a large JavaScript data object. Originally built as a pair programming exercise and recently updated.

  • What is Everyone Reading?

    The New York Times bestsellers, available by category. Built using HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and The New York Times API.

  • Ask the Tarot, Revisited

    I took my OG React app and updated it with hooks, styled-components, React Spring, and the MERN stack. The front end is built in modern React and hosted on Netlify; the back end is built using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, and hosted on Heroku. Same mystical vibes, way better tech.


It would be lovely to meet you. Send me an email and let's be in touch!